How to Survive College and Nutrition



4 Simple Habits to Stay Nourished in College


This is the Most fundamental habit you can give your body and mind. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep and maintain solid sleeping habits. Top three sleep helps would be getting to bed and waking up at the same time to set your individual circadian rhythm. Turn off the electronics and screens at least two hours before you go to bed and give yourself some down time away from the phone and computer. Move often and try and get some exercise during the day hours not close to bed so that you can promote deeper sleep.


Most college students don’t have a kitchen and if they do they aren’t going to have a chef as a roommate. Money is tight and so is time for cooking... So how do you eat nutrient dense food to fuel your body? The first thing to have around is a small blender or magic bullet to make a smoothie that can be made in minutes. FInd a protein powder you like and follow this simple recipe. Scoop of protein Powder, 1-2 tbsp of fat like nut butter or MCT OIL, 1-2 Tbsp of fiber like chia seeds or ground flax, and finally add liquid. The liquid can be water or nut milk depending on your needs. For an added bonus if you have the ability to keep frozen spinach on hand and add to your heart’s content.
*Keep nuts or a hearty granola in your snack rotation. Look for low sugar options when getting granola.
*Have some quality protein bars on hand
*keep the easy to grab fruits around like a banana and apple
*have grabbable vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and any other vegetable that is quick and easy to eat.


I am convinced that 90% of the college students out there aren’t giving themselves time to be still without anyone or anything around to distract them. I

know this to be true because most adults aren’t giving themselves this luxury either. Students are constantly bombarded with social situations, busy classroom environments, crowded walks on campus, and a phone that keeps drawing their attention. What a novel idea to take just 5 minutes to do a meditation app or sit in a quiet spot in the sun or under a tree to listen to how the universe can speak to you. Finding the calm in your day will make all the difference when the deadline of a paper is due or a roommate starts to drive you crazy. There are several breathing exercises and meditation apps to get you through. Find something that works for you.


As humans we are hardwired to move. If the gym isn’t your gig at the very least walk or hike with a friend. You could even do some yoga stretches right in your room. Movement and especially vigorous exercise will improve everything. It will improve your ability to focus in class. It will make you stand a little taller and have more energy. It will help you metabolize the food in your body and keep you from getting sick. Movement will help you concentrate in that biochemistry class you are required to take. It can help to mitigate the feelings of anxiety and depression. In a nutshell movement is the foundation for so many aspects of our health.