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At 42 It was time for me to start to see the world. We planned a long trip to Europe and the old me was still taking over, nervous to travel, anxious about almost everything, and in a spot in my life where I knew changes needed to happen.  I wasn't really feeling anything like myself anymore. I wasn't exactly in shape or even in control of my food life. I knew going to my long European vacation meant that I was going to leave an old self behind and allow a new and maybe more authentic self to emerge again. 

I had the perfect imperfect plan. I would do what everyone says NOT to do. I would start making changes while I was on a vacation. I would eat like a European. Smart choice looking back. 

From the day I landed, I started to eat slower, observe the food I was eating, talk with friends more often, and walk everywhere. I was eating cheese, bread, meats, vegetables, and yummy food at every corner. Funny enough, all the walking and mindful eating coupled with a very happy girl on vacation made me feel free. For the first time ever, I didn't come home from vacation bloated, guilty and telling myself I need to do a detox to get back to normal. 

In 30 days I felt different. I came home resolved that I would walk everywhere and eat my food slowly, but my American culture of eating fast, shopping in processed food grocery stores, and a busy stressed life was still there when I got back home. There I was again and craved to get that free different feeling back I needed to make big changes that worked even when I wasn't on a vacation. 

For years I was a "runner" not a competitive runner but the girl who signed up for  marathons and all sorts of little races to keep in shape. I kept my pace at about a 9-10 minute mile. For the most part I kept my weight off for years this way. Stayed relatively in shape until  one day I knew It wasn't working.

By 40 nothing that used to work was working anymore. I was soft and squishy riddled with anxiety and not always healthy. One day I woke up when my sweet and honest husband said. "Ya know you've been running for years and I know you want to see some changes...Have you ever thought to start lifting weights and try something new?"  He wasn't wrong and I begrudgingly joined him at crossfit. I feared losing my cardio calorie burn would make things worse.

I walked into crossfit proud, wrong, humbled, embarrassed and in need of what they had to offer. So....I started...sort of. 

I noticed there was a group of older but in shape women who looked nice and non intimidating, so I joined their class. At the time it wasn't a full blown crossfit class. I joined "Fit Class" where it was a crossfit type of class, but with out all the heavy weights. I was supposed to do a few sessions with a coach, so I could learn the crossfit ways then they allow you to join once they give you the ropes. I lied and told them I already did crossfit and was just getting back. I didn't want to face the embarrassment of being singled out with a coach In a class. I wanted to blend in and fake it until I made it. 

 It wasn't that easy to blend in. The 50 years old ladies were bad asses. I remember one of the first workouts we had to hang from the bar for as long as we could and I think my grip strength allowed me to hold on for about 10 seconds and that seemed like an eternity. The women held on. The women could do real push ups and I had gotten in such bad shape I couldn't pump out 2 proper push ups in a row.

UUGGH. Humbled

 I kept going. At first it was just twice a week and to be honest I hated it. About the third week of attending I was already noticing that I was happier when I left. I loved the support and knew this was exactly what I needed to do. I was sore beyond my imagination and normally this would have made me turn away. I didn't I pushed through the uncomfortable and it was exactly what I needed. To physically break down the old me and build myself back up brick by brick. 

After three months I was changing and it was visible to everyone around me. People started to ask what changes I was making. I was slowing dropping weight but more importantly building muscle and finding my core. I thought after babies that was gone forever. Hello Abs, where have you been? 

Fast forward to today where I can say I started a health journey to loose weight. I thought this was going to bring me peace and joy that was missing. Little did I know it was a piece of the puzzle, but that the biggest part of the change came with the food I was eating and the habits I was choosing to put into my life. My anxiety shelf life was decreasing and my brain felt clearer. I also noticed a big shift in the quality and quantity of my sleep. 

If I told you that eating, movement, and proper self care would help your brain, your anxiety, your ability to focus, and your sleep... Would you change a few things? 

The body showed up and I'm not going to lie...the abs and muscle feel amazing. It is just a PART of the Whole that we can work on together.

I started this nutrition coaching business, because I feel strongly about helping YOU in your personal journey. My varied approaches to getting you thriving with nutrition will help you figure out the WHY and HOW in getting you nourished.

Who you can become is waiting.