I'm a certified nutrition coach, and a credentialed teacher, but first and foremost I am a believer in creating a nourished life. Mother of 3 and wife to an amazing husband of 20 years!

I am a striving human who knows a "nourished life" is balanced with sleep, food, movement and of course dark chocolate.

I can't imagine a world without music and creativity as my sidekicks. Most days you can find me trying to balance my life: running a household, experimenting in the kitchen, and making time to train at crossfit, all while being a wife/friend/sister, learning something new everyday, and raising three fabulous humans.

It can be overwhelming to keep life moving in the right direction! Four years ago in a moment of AHA I decided it was time to keep promises to myself by taking care of ME.

Now, when I start my day with gratitude, meditate, and fuel my body with the right nutrition, and get my training in... I feel like I am living the nourished life I was always meant to live. I am a better version of ME. This benefits everyone!

I don't believe there is a fast and easy way to fix everything in life. I believe great things take time. I believe we CAN change even though the world tells us differently.

I started this nutrition coaching business, because I feel strongly about helping YOU in your personal journey.

My varied approaches to getting you thriving with nutrition will help you figure out the WHY and HOW in getting you nourished.

Who you are is enough, but who you can become is always evolving!

Let's Get Nourished!